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Renewable News Round-Up - 05/12/14

It’s been a busy month since our last update: the latest tariff rate reductions have been announced for domestic and non-domestic RHI; DECC has launched a new PV consultation for commercial roof mounted systems. Meanwhile we’re busy ensuring all our biomass customers will have their boilers commissioned before the 31st December deadline plus there’s some company news too. All in all a bumper edition!
Black Friday RHI Cuts – 28th November

Last week DECC announced their latest round of tariff reductions for the Domestic and Non-Domestic RHI schemes.

Domestic biomass RHI received a 10% reduction which will be applied in the New Year. The forecast expenditure for biomass amounted to £5.8m at 31st October 2014 which is in excess of this quarter’s expenditure threshold for biomass of £4.2m.

Category Current RateRate from 1st January 2015
Small Domestic Biomass 12.2p/kWh 10.98p/kWh

The Non-Domestic RHI tariff for Small Commercial Biomass will also be reduced by 10%. Despite an anticipated growth of £8.7m in the quarter ending 31st October, Small Commercial Biomass grew by £11.2m. With growth exceeding the 50% rate necessary for a further 5% reduction, the tariff has been reduced by 10%. With other commercial tariffs remaining unaffected, the revised RHI tariff will be as follows:

Tier Current RateRate from 1st January 2015
1 7.6p/kWh 6.8p/kWh
2 2.0p/kWh 1.8p/kWh

The next quarterly assessment for both of the RHI streams will be 31st January 2015, whilst the subsequent quarterly forecast will be published by 1st March 2015. Any cuts announced on this date will come into effect from 1st April 2015.
DECC Consultation for Commercial Roof Mounted Solar – Taking the FiT – 25th November

DECC has launched a consultation over its plans to allow commercial users to retain their Feed-in Tariff payments if they move premises. The aim is to encourage more commercial businesses to get involved but who currently feel limited by the rate of return coupled with the longevity of the project.

Amber Rudd said “At the moment if a FiT accredited installation is moved it becomes ineligible for further support. This can act as a significant deterrent to landlords and tenants who cannot guarantee to have the long term ownership or lease of a building. Allowing the panels and the tariff to move with their owner will increase flexibility and make solar PV a much more attractive investment.”

The consultation will run until January 2015 and forms part of the Government’s promise to boost the commercial rooftop sector after identifying it as a preferred market in the national Solar Strategy.
A “Northern Powerhouse” – Exciting Times! – 3rd December

During the Chancellor’s latest Autumn Statement he reiterated that there should be a shift to create a Northern Powerhouse which would include Leeds and Yorkshire as a whole. It seems Yorkshire is now well and truly on the map following the immense success of the Grand Depart. This is great news for investment in the region, transport links and of course construction – more opportunities to install renewables.

Read the full speech “here”:
AvantiRenewables Goes Live – Our Joint Venture with AvantiGas – 25th November

Duncan Renewables and AvantiGas have partnered to launch AvantiRenewables, a single-supplier of multifuel energy solutions. The joint venture sees Duncan Renewables and AvantiGas, national supplier of LPG, collaborate to help customers navigate a long term move towards greener fuel installation and consumption.

The joint venture allows customers to tap into an extensive bank of renewable energy knowledge while also benefitting from a bespoke, one-to-one service. Our aim is to help customers make informed decisions about greener fuel options specific to their energy objectives. Biomass is an evolving source of renewable energy and is still a relatively new concept for many businesses but AvantiRenewables is perfectly positioned to advise and supply the right solutions.

As AvantiRenewables develops, biomass will form the first component of what is expected to be a suite of flexible green fuel solutions available to commercial customers. Where AvantiRenewables is different, is its ability to offer biomass independently or alongside an integrated LPG supply, depending on the customer’s needs.

We recognise that for some customers the best solution can often lie in a combination of technologies and fuel types rather than just one and, through experience, we know that customers prefer to minimise the number of service providers they have to deal with. AvantiRenewables’ objective is to be that single point of contact energy partner for customers.

Incorporating the RHI, AvantiRenewables offers two installation options. Where capital is not available, the on-site model offers an RHI supported ‘fund and facilitate’ scheme where the 20 years’ security of an owned and operated facility can give the customer piece of mind. Where capital is available, the equipment sale model allows the customer to buy and install the equipment from AvantiRenewables with optional operational support services provided as required.

Businesses looking to find out more about AvantiRenewables click here or call 0808 191 0000.

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