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Biomass Boilers

"The boiler has been reliable, has only needed minor adjustments since its installation and has helped us to provide a comfortable environment, not only for ourselves but more importantly for our guests. Our new boiler earns us £4000 each year instead of costing us money!”

- Mr and Mrs Goddard, Owners of Marton Grange Country Hotel

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Save Money

Switching to biomass from oil or LPG typically results in 20% – 40% savings on fuel costs. Duncan Renewables can offer fixed price fuel supply contracts complete with free servicing.

Make Money

The Renewable Heat Incentive (“RHI”) scheme means that the Government now pays you to switch to green heating technologies such as biomass. The RHI is paid for each unit of heat (kWth) generated and can be as much as 8.6p per kWth – which is almost double the cost of generating the heat.

Wipe Out Your Heating Costs

The combination of fuel savings and RHI income mean that it’s possible to wipe out your annual fuel bill. Or put another way, because the RHI income received can be greater than the operating costs, the heating system can generate an annual profit for the next 20 years.

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