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United Healthcare Developments

UHD is an independent and experienced third-party developer that specialises in delivering outstanding medical centres. Duncan Renewables was originally approached with an enquiry into PV for a local Surgery in Harrogate. The company has a policy of continually upgrading and re-investing into its buildings and were looking to reduce carbon emission across the entire portfolio. UHD was so pleased with their experience with Duncan Renewables that they signed up for systems on most of their properties. Over the year Duncan Renewables installed 230.5kW Solar PV across 8 x medical centres. Duncan Renewables facilitated the entire process from initial DNO permissions to the FiT Registration on completion.

  • Kingswood (Harrogate) Surgery: 37.5 kW PV producing >27,300 kW units
  • Fairlawns (Sheffield) Medical Centre: 30.0 kW PV system producing 24,200 kW units
  • Longtown (Carlisle) Medical Centre: 16 kW PV producing 13,300 kW units
  • Barley Clough (Oldham) Medical Centre: 40.5 kW PV producing 31,200 kW units
  • Pennygate (Wigan) Medical Centre: 7.25 kW PV producing 6,100 kW units
  • St. George’s (Blackburn) Surgery: 24.25 kW PV producing 19,600 kW units
  • Norton Canes (Cannock) Medical Centre: 25 kW PV producing 20,100 kW units
  • Springfield Health & Well Being (Stafford) Centre: 50 kW PV producing 38,900 kW units

The combined output is 180,700 kW per annum. This offsets 102,637kg CO2 that would otherwise be emmitted through grid consumption. Over the minimum 25 year life UHDL will reduce their carbon footprint by 2,565,925 Kg. Without accounting for the FiT returns, just the savings on use will save UHD thousands of pounds a year which would otherwise go to the balance sheet of an energy company.

David Brown, Managing Director said:

“We are fully committed to creating sustainable and futureproof buildings….We’ve had a terrific response from the doctors as the retrofitted schemes are now producing up to a third of the buildings’ electricity requirements, resulting in considerable cost savings.”

Some of these systems are smaller, but a system over 30kW a system requires an official Export Meter in order to receive the 4.7p/unit Export Tariff. As the Centres use much of what they produce, the cost of export metering could have been higher than the Tariff returns. Duncan Renewables worked with UHD to enhance the returns on these systems which do not receive Export Tariff by installing an unofficial export meter. This measures everything the PV system produces, what is used on site, and what is sent back to the grid. This allowed them to set up an informal Power Purchase Agreement with their tenants for units generated and consumed on site. This made the projects an affordable investment for the group, while providing units to tenants at a much lower cost than the energy company would charge.

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