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Yorkshire Racecourses – Wetherby, Thirsk & Redcar

Duncan Renewables was approached to provide PV systems across several notable Yorkshire Racecourses including Wetherby, Redcar, and Thirsk. All three courses provide excellent public facilities for racegoers, hospitality facilities and catering, and serve as year-round venues for a multitude of events from weddings to conferences. Duncan Renewables took full responsibility for all aspects of the installations from design and DNO consent, to planning permission for all three, and the facilitation of FiT registration. All three systems have an SMA device monitored by Duncan Renewables so we can help ensure that they are always meeting or exceeding expectations or so that we can solve a problem as soon as it comes up.

  • THIRSK RACECOURSE benefits from a 46.8kW Solar PV System over two roofs at a site which required Listed Building Consent. The system output is at least 38,000 kW units of clean electricity every year, displacing 21,500kgs CO2 that would otherwise be emitted.
  • WETHERBY RACECOURSE benefits from a 49.92kW Solar PV System over two roofs. The system generates at least 43,000 kW units of electricity a year. This displaces 24,400kgs CO2 that would otherwise be emitted.
  • REDCAR RACECOURSE has a 49.92kW Solar PV System across the main grandstand. The system generates 37,000 kW units a year and displaces 21,000kgs CO2.

All together these systems will displace at least 66,900kgs CO2 and over the 25 year minimum life of these systems that will be a 1,672,500 CO2 Savings, making a valuable contribution to climate change mitigation goals. In addition, the total 118,000 units of clean electricity every year, over a minimum 25 years, is 2,950,000kW of electricity that the racecourses would otherwise have to buy from the grid. The savings on use alone makes good business sense, but with the 9-12% returns via the Feed-in-Tariff, the systems will pay for themselves within 5-7 years with the rest as return on investment.

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