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AV Dawson Ltd

AV Dawson Ltd is a long established business based in Teeside offering a multimodal distribution logistics service encompassing rail, road and sea.

A 240kW solar PV system has been installed over 3 roofs on their Riverside Park warehousing. The buildings stand at a colossal height of 48m and are the tallest on the Teesport skyline.

The 960 solar panels will generate approx 192,000kwh and will reduce overheads by approx £35,000 per year. A.V. Dawson Ltd can also expect a Return on Investment (ROI) of around 17.47% over 20 years.


“As a business with over 75 years of experience in the freight transport market we have always had a keen eye on fuel costs, but now, having significant warehousing and property portfolio, increasing energy charges have become a major cost to the business. As such we made a strategic decision to regain some degree of control of our electricity bills. Through contacts in agricultural circles I became aware of Duncan Renewables, and, following due diligence in the market and with the financial institutions who would be part funding an installation, we asked them to advise on suitability options. With over 1m sq ft of warehousing, several potential schemes were proposed and we chose a 240kWh array on our fabrication halls. These are where the majority of power is consumed, therefore offering the best return on investment. We did price the scheme with an alternative supplier, but the combination of professionalism, price and a site visit to a significant installation led us to proceed with Duncan Renewables.

This scheme had particular challenges, not least because the roof was at a height of almost 50m, but because fabrication was on-going in the space below. Duncan Renewables worked alongside our sheeting contractor to ensure a safe and efficient installation sharing access, cranes and fall prevention systems to reduce cost. Alongside the on-site activity, Duncan Renewables’ administrative team took care of all the registration paperwork and the connection agreement with the local DNO leaving us to get on with running our business. The installation was commissioned in June and by mid -July had generated 46,000kWh. We have been blessed with sunny conditions and it’s very satisfying to think that we are taking full advantage.” Gary Dawson, AV Dawson Ltd

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