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JC Lister Farms

Duncan Renewables has installed 840kW Ground-Mount PV Systems across 4 x JC Lister Farm sites in North Yorkshire.

In 2012 the first of these was the largest ground-mounted PV system in Yorkshire which Duncan Renewables took through the Planning process. Pleased with the installation and its contribution to the farm we were approached in 2013 for individual 240kW field mounted systems across three farms. We have facilitated the entire project from Planning and DNO Permission through Ofgem ROO-FiT Accreditation and Export Metering.

  • West View Farm: 120 kW PV producing 104,158 kW units
  • Ellenthorpe Farm: 240 kW PV system producing 208,317 kW units
  • Grange Farm: 240 kW PV producing 208,317 kW units
  • Sion Hill Farm: 240 kW PV producing 208,317kW units

The total electricity production feeding directly into the farms is 729,109 units a year. Over the minimum 20 year life of the FiT Scheme (the PV will continue to operate 10-15 years thereafter) this is 14.5 million units of free electricity that would otherwise have to be purchased from an energy company. In addition to the significant savings on use and return on investment via the FiT Scheme, these systems annually offset 414,133kgs CO2 emissions.

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