Solar PV

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  • Solar PV panels are suitable for both urban and rural locations and are adaptable to almost any building which has sufficient exposure to light.
  • Typically, solar PV panels are mounted on a pitched roof; however they can also be mounted on a flat roof or on the ground.
  • Ideally a solar PV system should be oriented between Southeast and Southwest though we also have references for highly successful East / West systems.
  • For best performance solar modules should be angled between 30 to 45 degrees although with high performance panels you can still catch a reasonable level of sunlight within angles between 10 – 60 degrees.
  • Shade falling on the roof from dormer windows or nearby trees can reduce the performance. Our engineers have tools to predict the impact shading will have on estimated performance to help work around shading in designing your system for optimal electricity generation.
  • Solar PV systems are easy to install, need virtually no maintenance and are estimated to last well beyond the 25 year performance guarantee. Additionally, running costs are very low. There are no moving parts and very little maintenance is required over the lifetime of the system. PV systems are generally self cleaning and as long as the panels are not covered in leaves or bird droppings they will be producing electricity during daylight hours.
  • Through taking into consideration the pitch, orientation, and other relevant factors, the Duncan Renewables team of engineers can design a custom roof or ground mounted PV system for your site.
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