Green Deal

The Green Deal is a government scheme helping consumers pay for energy-saving improvements within their homes, community spaces, and businesses at no upfront cost. This scheme allows property owners to pay for some or all of the improvements via staggered payments through installment charges on energy bills.

The improvements eligible under the Green Deal range from boiler replacements, heat system upgrades, insulation measures as well as lighting upgrades and renewable technologies. The renewable technologies covered by the Green Deal include solar PV, solar thermal, biomass and ground- and air-source heat pumps installations.

How The Scheme Works

In order to benefit from the Green Deal, a Green Deal Assessment must initially be made of the property. Once the assessment has been completed, the consumer receives a Green Deal advice report that is valid for 10 years, or until any changes or energy saving improvements have been made. A Green Deal advice report contains the following components:

  • an Energy Performance Certificate that rates the property for energy efficiency
  • an occupancy assessment that measures the total energy usage from occupants
  • a tailored energy saving solution for the property
  • an estimate of the money which could be saved through energy improvements and their approximate return on investments.

To be eligible for the Green Deal, the costs of the improvements must not be greater than the benefit of the savings made. For this reason, the Green Deal assessment must be carried out by a certified and impartial Green Deal Assessor.

The consumer then chooses which (if any) of the shortlisted Green Deal measures and packages they want to install. Financing can then be arranged on behalf of the customer by a Green Deal provider.

Consumers on certain benefits or a low income, or those who live in certain hard-to-treat properties will be advised on their eligibility for supplementary free financing in conjunction with the Energy Company Obligation (ECO). Consumers will also be advised on their eligibility for other incentive schemes including the Feed-in Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive.

After completion of any energy-saving improvements, a subsequent Green Deal Assessment is undertaken and a revised energy performance certificate produced. If the consumer opted for Green Deal financing, billing for Green Deal charges will begin within 14 days. Payment will be made through automatic installments added onto the property’s electricity bill.

The costs of any Green Deal improvements are linked to the electricity supply of the property rather than to the individual consumer. If the property owner were to move, any outstanding Green Deal charges will pass on to the property’s next owner.

Once all outstanding Green Deal charges have been re-paid, the property owner is then able to take full advantage of the financial savings from their energy-saving improvements.

How We Can Help

As an accredited installer of a large range of the eligible renewable technologies, Duncan Renewables can provide many services required under the Green Deal. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive Green Deal Assessment service and can arrange financing with our specialist Green Deal provider partners.

Whether you’re a domestic or non-domestic applicant, contact us now to discuss how you could finance energy efficiency measures with the Green Deal!

Further information on the Green Deal is available on the DECC website

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