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Biomass Boilers

Ulleskelf Community Biomass Project

Our Free Biomass offering allowed three neighbours in a rural village to replace their old boilers and receive their heat from a central biomass boiler housed in a redundant outbuilding

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Here are Ten Reasons to Partner with Duncan Renewables

1. We are part of a long-established plumbing heating company

Duncan Plumbing Heating and Electrics Limited. We understand both traditional plumbing and heating issues as well as the emerging renewable heating technologies. In a a typical biomass installation you will typically need a customer who understands both of these things.

2. Complete turnkey solution

Some biomass companies just want to supply you with a boiler and expect you to coordinate your own plumbers, joiners, electricians. We have all of these trades in-house.

3. Provider of multiple renewable technologies

Increasingly customers want more than one renewable technology and a broader view of what technologies work best in different scenarios. Biomass is just one technology that we advise on – although we know from experience it is generally the most advantaged technology in the market.

4. A dedicated team

We supervise the RHI application process and ensures that customers start receiving their RHI payment as soon as possible.

5. We have lots of installations out there already earning RHI income

Some companies claim to be biomass experts very few are doing it for real.

6. High levels of customer advocacy

We have a wide range of existing customers who are willing to provide testimonials and allow their installations to be used as a case study for prospective customers to look at.

7. We are not a distributor and are not tied into pushing one product

We have researched the biomass sector and believe that Guntamatic boilers provide the best combination of features and performance that provide long term piece of mind for everyone, including ourselves as the responsible installer.

8. Our biomass boilers have been specified to burn recycled wood pellets

They allow recycled wood pellets to be burnt which allows significant cost savings over traditional wood pellets. Recycled wood pellets are manufactured in the Yorkshire area, to very high quality levels.

9. Guntamatic provide a 20 year parts availability guarantee

The parts guarantee means that the boiler won’t become obsolete – vitally important to ensure that RHI income is earned for the full 20 years.

10. We provide 24-hour service support

You can report a problem and we’ll get straight on it!

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